Happy New Year!!



Happy New Year !! Here is how our four legged friends celebrated the new year around the globe! 🙂

Melissa put a selfie pic on Instagram to let her friends know that she’s in the Meow mood for 2017!

Jack was waiting for his big gift, a big ball that he could play around the house!

Suzy and Tinkerbell was holding hands and hugging when the 2017 knock on their door!

George was waiting all day to eat his loved tuna dish 🙂

Junior didn’t know where he was when he woke up, he remember that he drink to much milk and that is it 🙂


Well Marilyn just like to pose to the camera 🙂

The brothers went to ski and took a picture to remember the snow 🙂


Eduardo was ready for 2017 and was all in the holiday mood!

Spenser wanted to hide under the Christmas tree, he thought it will be great that each year he will be the family gift! 🙂

Yuhi just wanted to spread his Love to all the world!

Emanuel just wanted to get over with this!


Nikki was asking from Santa to bring him a big fish and many toys as possible! 

Well Moses drink to much..

Lily went to her relaxing mood after playing with all the children at the table 🙂

Huston was very pleased celebrating with his family! 🙂

Michel got his first kiss in 2017 and he looked a bit shocked 😀


All the pictures was taken from flickr.com

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